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Includes guide

Includes guide

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The kit includes all you need to learn and enhance basic surgical skills related to knotting, whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced. High quality tools allow to practice for years and are purposed for medicine doctors, dentists, veterinaries and other professions who provide services related to knotting used during operative procedures. The kit contains the manual including an intuitive course that will facilitate to learn basics and improve skills related to basic knotting technique. Actually, this manual is quite different from other books as it contains professional tips and advice that facilitate learning a process and help you to practice effectively. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of students and doctors, to revolutionise remote learning and development of practical skills. We have worked a long time on it to offer an aid that is close to perfection. With this kit, you will enhance or master surgical skills to perfection, depending on the time spent for practice and quantity of used suture.

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 8 cm
available only with this product
+ Surgical Knot Tying Manual
1 x needle-holder
1x scissors
1x sponge
1x tweezers
3x surgery suture

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