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Surgical suture


Include 10x surgery suture

Did you run out of basic kit sutures? Or are you planning intensive learning sessions and three packages will be insufficient? Actually, it is diligence, enthusiasm for work and patience that are features of skilful surgeons. No one is born with skills related to knotting, but time learning sessions and practice allow to master these skills almost to perfection. Package includes 10 boxes including high-quality surgical suture identical to this used in the operating theatre.

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We will ship your consignment the next business day following the payment. Since this moment courier service is responsible for delivery. Consignments reach its destination usually within 2 business days. Upon receipt you will be ready to practice and improve your surgical skills. Good Luck!


You can return the purchased product within 14 days since receipt. We will assist you with every step during this process to help you with all the formalities. We strongly believe that each kit is free of defect and is perfect to practice knotting related skills.

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